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Zabihullah Qazizada

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Zabihullah Qazizada

Follow the supply chain

Global trade and logistics BAS alum.

Growing up in Kabul, Afghanistan, Zabihullah Qazizada was very aware of the “security situation” a two-decade-long war brought upon his community. But that turmoil never stopped him from pursuing his education.

Before moving to Kent, Washington in 2017, the 32-year-old had already obtained a diploma in business administration and management from Kardan Institute of Higher Education and a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and political science from Kabul University.

Qazizada also had eight years of experience working in the supply chain, an industry with a series of processes involved in the production and distribution of commodities, while living in Afghanistan. He liked it so much he decided to get a degree in the field.

After learning he could transfer some of his previous college credits to Highline, Qazizada enrolled in the college’s Bachelor of Applied Science in global trade and logistics and began winter 2018.

Not only is Highline in a prime location for international business and trade, as it’s located south of SeaTac International Airport and between the seaports of Seattle and Tacoma, but its campus houses the Center of Excellence for Global Trade and Supply Chain Management.

The center, coupled with the college’s four-year degree, demonstrates Highline’s commitment to meet educational and economic development needs in advancing Washington’s global competitiveness.

“I very much liked the diversity part of this college,” Qazizada said when asked why he chose Highline. “I noticed that from the beginning.”

With approximately 70 percent students of color, Highline College is the most diverse college in Washington.

During his time at Highline, Qazizada said he struggled as a “new comer to the United States.” He also worked fulltime as a federal contract specialist at a corporation as he studied hard to achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.7 and pay for his classes out of pocket.

“I was very busy with setting up my life and keeping up with the fulltime job, plus my studies,” he said.

And, while Qazizada said all of his instructors were influential and he enjoyed every class he took, he especially commended English 101 instructor Lawrence White.

“I really admire and appreciate his passion towards instructing his students,” Qazizada said.

In fact, Qazizada one day hopes to teach, like White, himself.

After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in June 2019, Qazizada said he would like to get his master’s degree and one day return to Highline to be an instructor of the supply chain field.

“I would like to stay in Washington state after completing my [master’s] degree and I hope to become an instructor,” he said. “Highline College would be my dream college to become a faculty member of.”

Until then, Qazizada has one piece of advice for current students: “My message to other students would be to share love with others, keep the diverse community as successful as it is and serve the community in every way.”

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