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Prior Learning Assessment

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Prior Learning Assessment

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Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is the process for awarding credit for learning that has taken place away from the college classroom.

Credit can only be awarded for classes offered by Highline College.

With faculty approval and guidance, students will demonstrate their competence in class content.

Faculty will assist you in determining the best way to demonstrate your learning experience.

Military and veterans can receive college credit for military training. Follow the link to see how, or contact the PLA Coordinator to help facilitate the process.

TierCategory Description Fee
1Transfer credit from other accredited higher education institutions, Joint Service Transcripts for military training, or nationally recognized exams such as AP, IB, CLEP, Cambridge. Degree or certificate requirement fulfillment is noted through the regular credentials evaluation process$0
2Certifications and Institutionally Recognized Equivalency
Industry certifications, occupational crosswalks, institutionally-approved tests such as STAMPS. Credits are awarded and transcripted by Highline College based on documented earned certifications or standardized test results.
$40 / class
3Course Outcomes Assessment
Course challenges based on established competency assessments or portfolio review by Highline faculty. Credits and grades are awarded and transcripted during the regular quarterly reporting of grades.
$40 / Credit

If you have a certificate or training from a specific industry, you may be able to get PLA automatically. See Credit for Professional Training below.

The process for PLA is:

  1. Student and Instructor determine if PLA is appropriate. (Meet with an instructor from the appropriate department)
  2. If appropriate, instructor and student make a contract. (Meet with an advisor if you don’t know which class is needed for your program.)
  3. Student completes the assessment for the instructor (i.e. completes whatever assessment they have agreed to—test, essay, portfolio, etc.).
  4. Instructor grades assessment, sends grade to PLA Coordinator.
  5. Student completes PLA Request Form.
  6. Student will receive a confirmation email with instructions to pay through ctcLink.
  7. Charges will appear on student’s ctcLink Account ($40 per credit or class).
  8. After fees are paid, the credits will appear on your record within two weeks.

Student does not need to register for a regular class if they are completing PLA.

Students should be aware of the following policies.

  • PLA credits can only be awarded for classes that Highline offers.
  • Approval for PLA and grading is determined by the faculty.
  • Being approved for PLA (contract signed and assessment paid for) does not guarantee that you will receive a passing grade.
  • It is important to submit all assessments and documentation to your instructor prior to the deadline, which is usually the end of the quarter.
  • No more than 25% of any degree can come from portfolio-style PLA. For a 90 credit degree, that is 22 credits.
  • No more than 15 credits of portfolio-style PLA can transfer to universities in Washington.
  • Most universities in Washington have indicated that they will accept PLA classes, especially when it is part of an AA degree. No college said they would not accept PLA. You may wish to confirm with the registrar at the 4 year institution that you are planning on transferring to.
  • For transfer, you must confirm with the registrar of the school you’re transferring to.
  • Highline College evaluates every military transcript received from the service member and/or veteran pursuing an education at Highline. Contact Veterans Services for assistance in the process.

The following professional trainings have been evaluated and qualify the student for college credits.

Complete the PLA Request Form and upload your certificates and documents. Once your request is received, you will then receive an email confirmation to let you know that you were approved and how to provide payment. Once payment has been confirmed, the approved credits/courses will be applied to your student record within the quarter you are requesting the credits.

CertificationCourse NumberCourse TitleCreditsFee
Unidos in Finance Certificate,
El Centro De la Raza
BUSN 165
BUSN 133
1. Managing Customer Service
2. Basic Money Management
Unidos at Work Certificate, El Centro de la RazaBUSN 216
BUSN 218
1. Business Computer Applications
2. Spreadsheet Construction
Home Care Aid CertificationHEAL 100Fundamentals of Caregiving5$40
Medical Assistant-Registered plus
MA-R to MA-C
Pathways Class
11 HEAL (Medical Assistant) Classes11 Medical Assisting classes to meet DOH requirement of 720 clock hours.46$40 per course
Basic Law Enforcement Academy (BLEA)4 of the following 5 credit classes:
1. CJ 212
2. CJ 213
3. CJ 215
4. CJ& 110
5. CJ& 240
1. Fundamentals of Policing
2. Arrest Search & Seizure
3. Conflict Management
4. Criminal Law
5. Intro to Forensic Science
FEMA Emergency Management Institute Courses

ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-300, IS-700 and IS-800
HSEM 110

Basic Incident Command System/NIMS2$40
Military Police CertificateChoose 4 of the following 5 credit classes:
1. CJ 212
2. CJ 213
3. CJ 215
4. CJ 217
5. CJ& 240
1. Fundamentals of Policing
2. Laws of Arrest Search/Seizure
3. Conflict Management
4. Communications
5. Intro to Forensic Science
Federal Basic Corrections Academy (FBCA)1. ADMJ 105
2. CJ 215
1. Community Relations
2. Conflict Management
WA State Basic Correctional Officer Academy (WSBCOA)1. ADMJ 105
2. CJ 215
1. Community Relations
2. Conflict Management
Child Development Associate (CDA)ECED& 100
ECED& 107
ECED& 120
Child Care Basics Health Safety Nutrition

Paraeducator Certificate (Professional Educator Standards Board)

EDUC& 101ParaEducator Basics3$40
A+ CertificateCIS 150OS and Hardware Fundamentals 5$40
Security+ CertificateCIS 166Network Intrusion Detection5$40
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)CIS 160
CIS 161
CIS 262
CIS 265
1. Introduction to Networking and Cisco IOW
2. MS Operating System and Cisco Networking Integration 3. MS OS Infrastructure and Advanced Cisco
4. WAN Tech & VPN Security
CompTIA Linux+Powered by LPI ExamsCIS 217UNIX/Linux System Administration5$40
Adult Critical Care Specialty (ACCS)RC 403Advanced Adult Critical Care5$40
Neonatal Pediatric Specialty (NPS)RC 405Advanced Neonatal-Pediatric Respiratory5$40
Certified or Registered Pulmonary Function Testing (CPFT/RPFT)RC 407Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics and Rehabilitation4$40
Current 40-hour First Aid/CPR/AED certification plus proof of professional experience directly utilizing life-saving skills, such as first responder or firefighterPE 160First Aid, CPR & AED3$40
MOS - OutlookBSTEC 160Microsoft Outlook2$40
MOS - WordBSTEC 150Microsoft Word2$40
MOS - PowerPointBSTEC 155Microsoft PowerPoint3$40
MOS - ExcelBSTEC 165Microsoft Excel5$40
MOS - AccessBSTEC 170Microsoft Access5$40
Community Health Worker Fundamentals certificate plus documented evidence of three months of experience providing care navigation in the healthcare and human services systems. HEAL 251MA Patient Navigator5$40

The STAMP (Standards-based Measurement of Proficiency) test is an online assessment of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in a variety of languages. Highline currently offers STAMP tests for the following languages: Arabic, Chinese (Traditional and Mandarin), French, Japanese, and Spanish.

Based on the proficiency level you demonstrate, you may be able to earn from 5-10 college credits in the language that you have tested.

Visit the Placement and Testing Center website for STAMP testing times and details.

  • After receiving your test results, complete the PLA Request Form and upload your test results. Be sure to mention if you want credit for one or two classes.
  • The PLA fee is $40 per class.

Military and veterans can receive college credit for military training.
Highline College evaluates every military transcript received from the service member and/or veteran pursuing an education at Highline. Contact the Veterans Services for assistance in the process.

In order to earn credit for a class under PLA, a student must demonstrate competency with the established student learning outcomes for that class. Some coaching on expectations and interpretation of outcomes should be expected.

The following steps should be followed in awarding credit through PLA.

  • Determine if the student is a good candidate for PLA. This decision will largely be based on an email summary and/or brief interview. Please do not advance the student if there are significant concerns about the student’s ability to successfully demonstrate achievement of course outcomes.
  • Help students select the correct courses for PLA.
  • Determine which assessments are appropriate. Indicate on the contract exactly what the student needs to submit to be assessed and a due date. PLA Contract
  • Please only sign a PLA contract if you really think the student is capable of receiving a passing grade. Once they pay they cannot receive a refund.
  • NEW: Student or instructor complete the PLA Request Form only after the contract is completed and there is a grade.
  • Instructor emails PLA grade to PLA Coordinator when assessment is complete.
  • There is no deadline for processing PLA. When the assessment is complete and grade is sent to the PLA Coordinator, PLA can be processed.
  • Why PLA? Read national research about on completion and PLA.
  • For information about stipend amounts please contact the PLA coordinator.
  • Student can then be directed to Complete the PLA Request Form and upload the contract.

PLA staff with take care of enrollment.

View the PLA Contract.

NWCCU 2020 Standards

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities has the following Prior Learning Assessment guidelines:

Standard One – Student Success, and Institutional Mission and Effectiveness

1.C.8 Transfer credit and credit for prior learning is accepted according to clearly defined, widely published, and easily accessible policies that provide adequate safeguards to ensure academic quality. In accepting transfer credit, the receiving institution ensures that such credit accepted is appropriate for its programs and comparable in nature, content, academic rigor, and quality.

Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges Policy Manual

State Academic Credit for Prior Learning report to the legislature

Washington Student Achievement Council’s Academic Credit for Prior Learning:
Policy Brief

Faculty may assess student learning in any way that they deem appropriate, ensuring that assessment is transparent.
The assessment does not in any way need to be similar to the classroom experience as long as it accurately assesses student learning. This is a good opportunity to review student learning outcomes and explore authentic assessment.

Assessment may include, but are not limited to:

  • Interview
  • Exam
  • Essay
  • Demonstration
  • Portfolio
  • Documentation of previous experience/training
  • A reflection on previous experience as relevant to PLA

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