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Land and Labor Acknowledgment

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Land and Labor Acknowledgment

We would like to acknowledge the people whose land we are gathered on today. If we were gather on campus, we would be in present day Des Moines, which is located on the traditional village sites of the Muckleshoot, Duwamish, Puyallup  and many other tribes who made their homes on these lands and along these waters.

Let us also acknowledge the robust Indigenous communities made up of tribal diversity that originate from around the country, and whose journeys have brought them here and to other locations by ways of forced displacement or seeking opportunities.

Today the same communities celebrate their heritage, showing resilience and tenacity that would be greatly admired by their ancestors.
-Inspired by Se-ah-dom Edmo and Dr. Christine Dupres, Portland

Further, we respectfully acknowledge the enslaved people, primarily of African descent who provided exploited labor on which this country was built, with little to no recognition. Today, we are indebted to their labor and the labor of many black and brown bodies that continue to work in the shadows for our collective benefit.

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