It’s time to enroll in winter quarter classes, T-Birds! Make sure you have your Immunization Attestation filled out and check your enrollment date in ctcLink before you get started.


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Welcome to ctcLink

ctcLink is your new portal to manage your student or employee information, enroll in classes and more.

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First-Time Users

To activate your new account, follow the “First Time User?” link on the log in screen. During this process you will get your new ctcLink ID. Remember to write it down. You will see it only once during activation. See instructions.

Screen Reader Mode Not Working

The Enable Screen Reader Mode option on the ctcLink Sign In page is not working. Until it is fixed, you will need to adjust your individual preferences manually to enable the mode. Once you make the change, it will remain active until you turn off the feature. Find instructions at Enabling Screen Reader Mode.

Forgotten Password

If you can’t remember your ctcLink password, follow the “Forgot your password?” link on the log in screen. You will be asked to provide answers to the hint questions you set up when creating your account. See instructions.

What ctcLink Means for Us

For most people, ctcLink is simply a new website to manage your experience as a student or employee.

For others — those who process financial aid, schedule classes or pay bills — ctcLink will transform their work. Why? For one, colleges across the 34-college system are aligning their core business processes. It will streamline and standardize the way colleges do business today.

This change represents a significant challenge. ctcLink is not simply a matter of adapting to new software, it’s about adapting to the change in how we work. Learn more at Frequently Asked Questions.

News and Updates

Find important information and project details on our blog, Delta Dog Delivers.


Online training remains available. Courses are arranged by employee category.

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ctcLink Help Is Here

How-to Guides

See Help and Resources for how-to documents, videos and more.

Help Desk

If you’re having problems with ctcLink sign-in credentials, usernames or passwords, contact the ITS Help Desk: email helpdesk@highline.edu, call 206-592-4357 or submit a ticket to Help Desk.