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Look for a New Software Program This Winter

“ctcLink” Will Go Live Feb. 8, 2021

Registering for spring quarter classes will be different for students at Highline College.

When you register, you will use modern online tools that Highline College is starting to use. A new software program called ctcLink will make it easier for both students and staff to do business online. While the change won’t start until winter quarter, we are sharing this news now to prepare you.

In fact, it will eventually affect all community college students as 34 community and technical colleges in the state of Washington transition to this program.

ctcLink is a new student portal that will change the way you register for classes, how you pay for classes, how you manage your financial aid, and how you access your student records, among other benefits.

Here are just a few ways ctcLink will help students:

    • Admissions Application: Future students will have one admission application process regardless of where or when they decide to attend a community college.
    • ID Numbers: Students will have a single, electronic record with one ID number, available to all 34 colleges in Washington state.
    • Financial Aid Process: Students will have one financial aid application process.
    • Student Monitoring Tools: Students and advisors will be able to check their ‘time to degree.’
    • Course Catalog: Students will have access to a centralized catalog of courses.
    • Single Electronic Record: Students will be able to access a single ‘student record’ that will show classes completed at all community colleges in Washington.
    • Mobile-Friendly Tools: Students will be able to use their mobile phones to complete college business online, at any time.
    • 24/7 Access: Students will be able to go to an online student center to register for classes; complete financial aid processes; pay tuition and fees; add, drop or switch classes; contact an instructor or advisor; manage personal contact information; view grades, track academic goals and apply for graduation.

    ctcLink will allow students to have a more common experience across the community and technical college system. If you transfer from one college to another or if you attend two or more community or technical colleges at the same time, your record and the way you manage that record will be the same. In addition to having only one student identification number, you will be able use similar online tools for everything from admission to graduation.

    So why are we doing this? Highline College’s database reporting tools are from the 1980s, as are all community colleges’ who have not already launched ctcLink. Those outdated tools limit the ability to simplify policies and practices. So, it’s time for an update! It’s time to provide services students and staff expect in today’s digital world.

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    Although I was sketched on a whim in 2016, I’ve since evolved to become your trustworthy ctcLink guide as Highline College prepares for and moves to this new software system.

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