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College Cost

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College Cost

Highline College Chemistry ClassesCommunity colleges are a good financial choice. Even if you plan on earning a bachelor’s degree, beginning your education at a community college will save you thousands of dollars in tuition and fees.

You may qualify for reduced or free tuition and fees. Are you a veteran of the armed services or a child or spouse of a veteran? Are you a resident of the area and want to learn English? Or maybe you qualify in another way? Check Tuition Waivers for the full list of reduced tuition and tuition waivers.

Community colleges are a good financial choice, even for those who plan to earn a four-year degree.

Estimated annual tuition and fees*

Highline College: $4,340


Four-Year Public College: $12,000


Four-Year Private College: $41,000


*Estimated annual in-state, lower division tuition and fees for a student enrolled in 15 credits each term during the 2021–2022 academic year.

Cost of Attendance

Financial Aid provides estimates on what it may cost you to attend Highline College for 3 quarters (9 months)/45 credits total. View Cost Information.