2103 / 2017

10 Students Earn Recognition, Cash for Poetry

March 21, 2017|

Elizabeth Abramchuk took top honors in Highline’s Poetry Contest. Read her winning entry and celebrate poetry throughout April.

1403 / 2017

From Cookies to College: Career Change for Cupp

March 14, 2017|

After nearly 30 years with the Girl Scouts, Cupp brings energy and passion to Highline as she leads the college’s new development effort.

1303 / 2017

College Students on Front Line of Cyberattacks

March 13, 2017|

A real-world simulation provides practice for college students during the annual cyber defense competition at Highline, March 24–26.

903 / 2017

Guest Column by Ay Saechao: Genesis

March 9, 2017|

Ay Saechao began college as a geology major, but while discovering his cultural history as a Mienh American, he uncovered his true calling.

303 / 2017

City Farming and Food Access Focus of New Summit

March 3, 2017|

See goats and learn about small-space gardening, fruit tree grafting, beekeeping and more at Highline, March 17–18. Free to all.

203 / 2017

Looking for Work? Nearly 50 Employers Expected at Job Fair

March 2, 2017|

Connect with dozens of employers looking to fill full-time, part-time and temporary jobs at Highline’s job fair, March 15. Free to attend.

2702 / 2017

Meet Two Inspiring Students: JD and Laura

February 27, 2017|

Hear from two students who were searching for practical degrees that offered opportunities for jobs immediately after graduation.

2202 / 2017

Study Shows Highline Added $631.5 Million to Economy

February 22, 2017|

A new study finds Highline positively affects the local economy and generates a return on investment to students, taxpayers and society.

902 / 2017

I Teach College Courses on Death — and Love It!

February 9, 2017|

Highline’s Bob Baugher shares how his father’s near-death experience more than 40 years ago set him on a path that defined his career.

302 / 2017

New Format, New Name for Latino-Focused Summit

February 3, 2017|

Register today for Highline’s 3rd annual Latinx Summit, Feb. 25. Learn what is new this year to inspire success in higher education and beyond.