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DeVoni Young

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DeVoni Young

Giving a Voice to Students

Lifelong Learner and Mother of Three Becomes Associated Students of Highline College President.

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There’s always something new to learn.

DeVoni (DeVo) Young embraces this way of thinking by eagerly accepting challenges and opportunities that come her way.

Young is currently studying in Highline’s Hospitality and Tourism Management (HOST) program and plans to complete her AAS degree by spring 2024.

She also studies event management as part of the HOST program and is often found at various events throughout Seattle and Des Moines, giving her additional skills and real-world experiences in this career.

Young’s journey at Highline College doesn’t stop with academics. In 2023, an instructor encouraged her to run for Associated Students of Highline College (ASHC) President. At first, she was hesitant to apply but after realizing the impact she could make on the Highline College community, she decided to run.

“I knew the position’s challenges would help develop my leadership skills and provide me the opportunity to serve my peers,” Young said.

After winning the title, she expressed feelings of relief and gratitude. Young further reflected on the election and said, “Being trusted by my peers to lead our student body and to be selected as the representative of our student body to our board of trustees and administration is truly an honor.”

After graduating from Highline College, the mother of three plans to continue her career in the hospitality and event industry. She also intends to transfer to Central Washington University Des Moines on the Highline College campus to pursue her bachelor’s in Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management.

Young is looking forward to what the future holds as she remains dedicated to nurturing her lifelong pursuit of learning.

“There are a few things that motivate me to keep pushing forward but the biggest one is the feeling I get when I think about walking across that stage at graduation and the pride I’ll have hanging my diploma on the wall,” Young said. “I think about how much pride [my ancestors] will have knowing that their diligence got me to where I am today and the work that I am doing now will propel my decedents.”

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