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Tamara Snow

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Tamara Snow

Following her passion

At age 60, Tamara Snow proves it’s never too late to follow your passion.

She may be older than most of her classmates and professors but that hasn’t stopped Tamara Snow from fulfilling a promise to herself and following her passion.

Snow is enrolled in Highline’s new applied bachelor’s degree program in Teaching and Early Learning.

“I chose Highline because it offered the exact degree I’d been looking for, with online, night and hybrid classes so I can still work full time,” Snow said. “Highline campus is where I teach, so it was convenient, too.

Snow has been teaching pre-K at Children’s Home Society on the Highline campus since October 2013.

Snow’s educational journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing. She was homeless at age 16 but managed to finish high school on her own. She then earned a full academic scholarship for her first year at North Seattle College. She received top grades but couldn’t afford the money to pay for her second year.

“I promised myself that one day I would achieve my dream of a bachelor’s and master’s degree. It is now 41 years later and Highline is helping me fulfill that dream and goal from a lifetime ago,” she said. “I’ve wanted to go back to school for my degrees since 1976 when I graduated from high school.”

Once Snow completes her bachelor’s degree, she plans to transfer to the UW Tacoma to complete her master’s in Early Childhood Education/Special Education.

“I’m passionate about both learning and teaching. Learning because it makes me a better person. It gives me new skills, new insight, new ideas and knowledge that I can use to help others. Teaching because it’s a pay-it-forward thing. My goal in teaching is to make a positive difference in young children’s lives as well as in the lives of their families.”

Snow added, “I’m loving every moment learning at Highline. The professors are outstanding. They make class fun, engaging and challenging. You are guaranteed to come away with a wealth of knowledge and skill.”