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Flexible Learning

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Flexible Learning

Highline College Flexible Learning

At Highline, we know you are busy, so we offer flexible learning options to fit your schedule.

While more than half of our students enroll in daytime classes, many of the rest attend evening classes. Enrollment in online is growing all the time.

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Online Classes

Online classes are a great option for many students. Course content is handled online, so you don’t have to be in class at a certain time. You can fit your coursework into your schedule.

Online classes may include your meeting in person in a classroom, or there may be no required meeting times or in-person meetings, but there are regular due dates. You may be required to meet with faculty and other students in a classroom at scheduled times. Online classes offer the same credit, prerequisites, and course outlines as traditional face-to-face courses. However, it is essential to note that online classes may require more work on platforms such as Canvas than in-person classes.

Learn more about course modes to select the best online experience for you!

Evening Classes

At Highline, we know you’re busy. Sometimes the evening is the only time to squeeze in a class or two. Depending on the quarter, you will find approximately 100 different evening courses to choose from. Classes include everything from accounting and English to math and music.

Weekend Classes

If your weekdays are busy, you may want to try a weekend class. We offer a limited number of weekend courses.