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Financial Literacy

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Financial Literacy

Researchers have discovered that financial literacy education, learning and using skills for money management increases the likelihood of students graduating from a college or university and graduating with less credit card and student loan debt, sounds important right? We think so.

Before making a financial commitment, like “taking out” (borrowing) a student loan, check out the information below.

Apply for Washington State Need Grant

Learn more about the Washington State Need Grant (a grant is free money) and how to apply for it.

Explore private scholarships and learn how to apply

Discover Work-study opportunities and learn how to get a work-study job

Learn about student loans and repayment obligations – even if you don’t complete

Find out How Skipping Loan Repayments Hurts You (Defaulted Student Loan)

Figure Out How Much Debt You Have and How Much Your Payments Will Be

Student Loan Borrower Dispute Resolution – Last Resort

Master Your Finances (basic money management, budgeting, handling credit and debt)

Connect with Campus Resources