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Get Started at Highline College!

Highline College Admissions

The following checklist is intended to support you during your admissions and enrollment process here at Highline College. Depending on your goals and previous experience, some steps may not apply or be in the same sequence.

In addition, visit the Entry Advising Get Started page for more information on getting started at Highline.

Questions? Contact Entry Advising at entryadvising@Highline.edu.

Complete the online admissions application.  (If you have a ctcLink account from another community college in Washington, please use that to log into the application.) Check the email you used in your application to receive your admissions letter and your next steps. You will receive a student ctcLink ID number, an important number you will use as you continue your studies at Highline.

College costs include tuition, fees, transportation/parking, and books/supplies. There are numerous funding sources available to Highline College students including scholarships and grants that do not have to be paid back. Many of our students graduate debt free. The first step is to apply for financial aid.

  • Your ctcLink account is used to enroll and pay for classes, manage financial aid, access student records, etc. Once you have received your ctcLink ID number in your admission letter, you can activate your account. If you have a ctcLink account from another community college in Washington, you may use the same number.
  • Your myHighline account provides access to online resources and tools, such as student email, Canvas and Google. The ITS Department will send you an email with instructions on how to activate your account.

Your Entry Advisor is here to support you in this process so you will be ready for next quarter’s registration! Students will complete a ‘Get Started! Questionnaire‘ in their admissions letter and schedule a meeting with an Entry Advisor. If you do not receive the questionnaire,  connect with Entry Advising.

Determine Math & English Placement

  • For most English and math courses, you will need a certain level of skill. We determine that by assessing your reading, writing, and math skills.
  • Placement helps to identify which classes are right for you, through a variety of methods; it is not just a test. Learn more about placement measures.
  • Bring your high school transcript, GED, SAT/ACT scores, or other placement scores to Entry Advising.
  • If you are transferring credits from another college, or have an accredited degree from another country, submit your official transcripts and request an evaluation.

Getting familiar with college and Highline’s campus resources is important to your success. Student orientation is encouraged for all students, but it is required before enrolling if this is your first time attending college.  Sign up for orientation.

During Orientation You Will Explore Degree Pathway Options

  • Select a Degree Pathway: There are many educational opportunities at Highline, including certificates, and 2-year and 4-year degrees. Before you begin taking classes, it will be important to select a Degree Pathway that fits your personal academic or career goals.
  • Explore career options: Career and degree exploration assistance is available through the Career and Student Employment (CASE) and Counseling Center.
Although optional, but students are encouraged to meet with an Academic Pathway Advisor during their first two quarters.
Advisors will help you create your academic plan, choose courses, clarify and explore pathways, connect you with resources, and match you with a faculty advisor who will work with you on your degree path.

Enroll in classes once new student class enrollment has begun. It’s easy to enroll in ctcLink. Use your Academic Advisement Report and class schedule to locate available classes to enroll in. View the tutorial on how to enroll in classes using ctcLink.

Pay for your classes by the quarterly payment deadline. Follow up with your funding sources to confirm eligibility or sign up for a payment plan.