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Megan Smith

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Megan Smith

Megan Smith

Scholarship Recipient & Highline Student-Athlete

Athlete Megan Smith hits the books and the court

Maple Valley’s Megan Smith knew she wanted to play collegiate volleyball close to home. So when she was looking into programs, Highline College became an easy choice. Now a second-year player and captain of Highline’s team, 19-year-old Megan is finishing up her associate degree. Learn more about Megan and her future plans.

What are your goals during college?

A big personal goal of mine is to complete four years as a student-athlete. After Highline, I plan on pursuing my bachelor’s in pre-med while playing volleyball. My career goal is to be a physician assistant, which requires additional schooling.

What do you wish you knew before coming to college?

Before coming to college I wish I was better at taking notes. It took a couple quarters of college to figure out what study tools work best for me.

You received a scholarship from the Highline Foundation. What has that meant for you and your experience here at Highline?

I applied for a scholarship because paying for school is not cheap and the more financial support the better. Receiving a scholarship from the Foundation will give me an opportunity to complete my associate degree so I can move on to a four-year university.

Where would you most like to visit?

This past summer I got the opportunity to travel to Brazil and train at the Olympic Training Center with the Highline College Volleyball team. I would do anything to relive that experience again.