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Linda Guddat

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Highline College Linda Guddat

Linda Guddat

Scholarship Recipient & Nursing Student

Why did Linda Guddat choose nursing? It is in her blood.

Originally from California, Linda Guddat moved with her family to Washington in the mid 1970s to live near her aunt and uncle in Kent. Now 53, Linda is studying nursing, fulfilling her childhood dream of being in the medical profession. Learn more about Linda and what advice she has for fellow students in the following interview we did with her.

What brought you to Highline College?

I always wanted to go to college, but my parents could not afford it and I did not want student loans. I am going to college now on the GI Bill. I love nursing and always wanted to work in a hospital. My grandmother was a nurse and my mother worked in the hospital as a ward clerk, so I guess it is in my blood. I came to Highline early in 2012 because it has one of the best nursing programs in the area. I am planning to transfer to UW Tacoma for my bachelor’s degree in nursing.

What advice would you pass along to other students?

Find friends in every class to study with, bounce ideas off and feel connected to. I learn so much more when I discuss things with my peers. I also feel more accountable for studying when other people are expecting me to show up or to have reviewed the material before we meet.

You received a scholarship from the Highline Foundation. What has that meant for you and your experience here at Highline?

The GI Bill pays for three years of college. By the time I earn my bachelor’s degree, I will have gone to school for four years (including summers). The scholarship is helping cover the costs of my last two quarters at Highline, so I will have the GI Bill left to pay for one year at UW Tacoma. The scholarship means I will avoid student loans, which is really important to me.

Has there been an instructor who has been especially influential during your time here at Highline?

I really have enjoyed all of my instructors. They are very knowledgeable and committed to student success. Sam Shabb is an instructor I have had for three different courses. I really admire his intelligence, calm demeanor and teaching style. He provided everything up front, such as presentation materials, assignments and study guides. There were no surprises in his class. Yet, he made you strive for excellence when it came to knowing the material and studying. All of the nursing instructors exemplify qualities you would want in a teacher/mentor. Each has a unique perspective and style, so you get a diverse experience in the program.

What would be something people would be surprised to know about you?

I am kind of an open book. But, one thing I love to do—and this is a little out there—is operate earth movers, like a Bobcat or a backhoe. In my dream retirement scenario, I would have a lot of land and a backhoe, so I could create valleys or ponds, level roads and build flower beds. Kind of strange for a girl, huh?

Which three famous people would you most like to meet?

I would like to meet Sharon Stone because I am very impressed by her direct approach to life, honesty and commitment to HIV/AIDs. Ellen DeGeneres, because she would make me laugh. And Bill Clinton, because he is such an eloquent speaker.