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Dannah Serqunia

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Dannah Serquina

Dannah Serqunia

Printing a Brighter Future

Highline College student Dannah Serquina is prepped and ready for her next life steps.

Born and raised in the Philippines, she moved to Hawaii five years ago and eventually worked her way to Des Moines and has been at Highline College since 2015.

“I initially attended Highline for the purpose of Running Start,” Serquina said. “I was a Running Start student here for two school years up until I graduated high school last June. Now I am here because Highline has become a big part of my school life and I have grown to love it all throughout the years because of its diversity.”

After graduation she plans to transfer to a four-year university and earn her degree in nursing.

“I am passionate about finishing my studies and hopefully will get a bachelor’s degree to give to my parents,” she said. “They have done so many things for me, and I would like to repay them with a degree that they can be proud of.”

While Serquina has certainly taken many classes and learned new things while here at Highline, many would be surprised to hear about her other passion, printing. She began working at Highline’s Print Shop more than a year ago and has since learned new skills needed for commercial printing and personal success.

“Working in the Print Shop taught me how to laminate, trim, score, and fold specific types of papers, how to properly take care of our products, but most importantly, Print Shop has taught me how to become independent,” she said. “Since the beginning, Dave Weber, the Print Shop manager, has trained me to do things on my own and just ask for help whenever I need to. That conditioned me to be dependent of my own self but at the same time, asking other people for help is also essential. I will never forget the experience that the Print Shop has given me. I will always carry it in my heart as a learning experience.”