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Accessible Technology Leadership

Accessible Technology Committee members are:

Academic Affairs

  • Marc Lentini, Instructional Design (co-chair)
  • Jenni Sandler, Access Services (co-chair)
  • Rashmi Koushik, Pre-college Studies
  • Gerie Ventura, Library
  • Avery Viehmann, English/Writing Center

Information Technology Services

  • Tim Wrye, Information Technology Services
  • Laurinda Bellinger, Information Technology Services

Human Resources

  • Sue Williamson, Human Resources
  • Gretchen Erhart, Human Resources

Student Services

  • Michelle Kuwasaki, Admissions
  • Chantal Carrancho, Career And Student Employment

Administrative Services

  • Francesca Fender, Admin Services

Communications and Marketing

  • Angie Hunckler, Communications & Marketing