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Course Materials

For Canvas courses, there are several tools available. Canvas has a basic accessibility tool in Canvas Pages, which performs similar tests to Word’s accessibility checker. And, text added to Canvas Pages is almost always more accessible than a separate, downloaded document.

Ally is a more powerful accessibility tool that does three things.

  • Analyzes the content of a Canvas course and identifies materials that could be difficult for all students to access,
  • Makes it easier to fix that content, and
  • Adds the ability for students to download more accessible versions of your materials.

Learn more about Ally, a Canvas accessibility tool. View the Ally Remediation Cheat Sheet to understand the errors, view explanations and how to fix them. Here are the Ally error reporting by type.

  • Microsoft Word errors,
  • PDF errors,
  • PowerPoint errors,
  • image errors, and
  • HTML errors.

Remember, some of the most important things you can do in your courses are:

  • Make sure that eTexts, websites, and online resources provided by the book publisher are accessible.
  • Make sure that videos and other websites you link to are accessible.
  • Check your handouts and assignments for accessibility.
  • Start with an accessible syllabus template.

To learn more, check out the Accessibility modules in the Canvas Orientation and User Guide for faculty and staff (login required).

View Canvas General Accessibility Design Guidelines for information on layout and design, content file formats and additional resources.

Download the Hello, Publisher Representatives poster and learn what to ask them about accessible materials.