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ctcLink Mobile-Friendly Website and App

Use the mobile-friendly ctcLink website to access the ctcLink login portal, Canvas, the Highline website, directory, calendar, student email and more.

Visit ctclink mobile-friendly site

Note: You must first activate your ctcLink account before you can use the full functionality of the mobile-friendly website.

Why is there a separate mobile-friendly ctcLink website? Shouldn’t the main ctcLink website be mobile-friendly?

The mobile-friendly website is a feature built into the ctcLink software package for all community colleges in Washington state. The vendor chosen by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (Oracle PeopleSoft) developed two separate websites.

Will I ever be required to use the mobile-friendly website?

The short answer is no. As a student, all the tools you need to enroll and manage your classes are built into the main ctcLink website. However, there may be times when it’s more convenient to use the mobile-friendly website such as when a desktop or laptop computer is not available and you need to access your student information from your phone. In addition, there may be the rare occasion when the main ctcLink website is down but the mobile-friendly version is still functional.

Can I do all the same things in the mobile-friendly website as the main ctcLink site?

Aside from activating your ctcLink account, yes. All the tool available in the main ctcLink website are available in the mobile-friendly website. However, the interface does look different on the mobile-friendly website, especially, when viewed on your smart phone. The specific way you perform a task, or the path you take to any given tool, will be slightly different than the main ctcLink site.

In addition, the mobile-friendly site includes a “tiles” homepage which provides convenient access to Canvas, academic catalog, department directories and other college information.

Can I use the mobile-friendly website on my desktop or laptop computer?

Yes, absolutely. The mobile-friendly website works perfectly fine on your desktop or laptop computer. In fact, you may prefer it over the main ctcLink site.

What about the ctcLink app? How is that different from the mobile-friendly website?

For all intents and purposes, there is no difference between the mobile-friendly website and the ctcLink app. Think of the app as a “shell” that wraps around the mobile-friendly website. The app is free from your phone’s app store (simply search for “ctcLink”) but you will never be required to download or use it.

Mobile-Friendly website and app tutorials

Two tutorials have been created on how to use the mobile-friendly website as well as a tutorial on how to download the mobile app.

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