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The Weekly Wag, Issue #22

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The Weekly Wag, Issue #22

Delta DogWelcome to The Weekly Wag, your home for quick news and updates on the ctcLink project.

Status Updates

Many of your colleagues are working hard to get us fully functional in our new ctcLink environment. Read high-level updates and status from areas across campus in Tim Wrye’s March 2 message.

Students Say the Darndest Things

For your amusement, here are a few of our students’ explanations of why they missed recording their ctcLink ID. Perhaps these are the technological equivalent of “the dog ate my homework” (which Delta Dog would never do, of course).

  • “I didn’t have the chance to see my new ctcLink ID because my baby brother suddenly grabbed my laptop and closed the page.”
  • “I created a new account but was moving too fast and didn’t write down my new username.”
  • “I accidentally clicked ‘ok’ before I could write down my new ID.”
  • “It popped up on screen but my device crashed before I wrote it down!”
  • “I clicked the wrong macro and ended up closing my window like a dummy.”

Go Mobile With ctcLink

Did you know you can access ctcLink from your device using the mobile app? The mobile app is a good option for people who use screen readers to interact with digital content. Learn how to download the app.

The app is also available as a mobile-friendly website if you’d rather not download the app. You can view and use this version from your computer desktop or mobile device.

Delta Dog

Training Still Available

Are you digging in to ctcLink and finding there is more you’d like to learn? ctcLink courses are still available and will be indefinitely. To register, visit Training for ctcLink. And see tips for getting started.

More Golden Paw Award Winners Coming Soon

Delta Dog is working through the backlog of many deserving Golden Paw Award nominees. Stay tuned to learn about the extraordinary work of your colleagues. In the meantime, read about recent award winners.

Students Are Learning About Enrollment in ctcLink

Students have received several emails this week, helping them learn how to use ctcLink to enroll in classes, pay for classes, access student records and more. Read all recent messages at ctcLink Student News.

Ask Delta Dog

Delta DogWho is this blue dog? Learn why Delta Dog has been our trusty companion on the journey to ctcLink. She will stay by our side as we fully implement the new system.

If you have questions about ctcLink, ask Delta Dog.

You can also view the Frequently Asked Questions page.

For information about the statewide ctcLink project, visit the SBCTC ctcLink page and read the blog, ctcLink Connect.