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The Weekly Wag, Issue #19

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The Weekly Wag, Issue #19

Welcome to The Weekly Wag, your home for quick news and updates on the ctcLink project.

Delta Dog

ctcLink Success!

We started the week right with great news from Tim Wrye. If you missed it, read about this past weekend’s successful conversion and migration activities. Highline is now officially a ctcLink college. You can also read a recap of activities in a February 9 State Board article.

Time to Activate Your Account

Today begins ctcLink activation for all faculty and staff, including part-time hourly and student employees. Find instructions in Tim Wrye’s February 10 message. And remember Delta Dog’s friendly reminder: Write down your ctcLink ID and safely store your password.

Delta Dog

Activate = Yes; Transactions = No

You are free to activate your account and update your personal details in ctcLink. But wait to do other things, such as entering time and financial transactions. We are still doing testing in the system. The Finance and HR departments will let you know when it’s OK to go begin with these processes. Until then, wait to dig in deep with ctcLink.

Continue Recording Transactions Manually

Even though we are live on ctcLink, it’s not yet time to begin entering enrollment transactions. Here’s an important reminder from Tim Wrye:

We are getting reports of some folks who are being proactive and exploring and entering student enrollment transactions in ctcLink. Even if this will be part of your normal work, DO NOT enter any enrollment transactions in ctcLink at this time. There is still work being done by both Highline and SBCTC Support staff on some process configuration and testing work, and enrollment transactions have Student Financials impacts that we are still doing some work to determine.

The project team and pillar leads will notify functional areas when we are ready to start processing enrollments in ctcLink, and we will do the first few in a controlled manner so we can make sure everything is working as intended before we open it up wider. In the meantime, continue to track your transactions manually as you have been since the legacy shutdown until you hear from us.

Thank you for helping us continue to make this transition to ctcLink smooth and successful.

During this time of transition, continue to follow the Timeline Road Map.

Students Are Learning About ctcLink

Students are receiving weekly emails to build awareness of ctcLink. This week they’re being reminded to begin activating their ctcLink accounts on February 16. Read the February 9 message and see all past messages at ctcLink Student News.

Ask Delta Dog

Delta DogWho is this blue dog? Learn why Delta Dog has been our trusty companion on the journey to ctcLink. She will stay by our side as we fully implement the new system.

If you have questions about ctcLink, ask Delta Dog.

You can also view the Frequently Asked Questions page.

For information about the statewide ctcLink project, visit the SBCTC ctcLink page and read the blog, ctcLink Connect.