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2 Crucial Courses for ctcLink Success

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2 Crucial Courses for ctcLink Success

Delta Dog Every person who earns a paycheck should take at least these two courses to prepare for Highline’s move to the ctcLink system:

  1. PeopleSoft Fundamentals 9.2
  2. Employee Self-Service (ES100 HCM)

Many of you have already completed PeopleSoft Fundamentals. Woof to you!

If you haven’t, check out “Delta Dog Offers Tips for Tackling Training.”

After you complete PeopleSoft Fundamentals, the next course on your list should be Employee Self-Service (ES100 HCM). Why? This course will teach you how to track and report time, request an absence, view your payroll and personal information, and much more. Knowing how to do these key tasks will ensure you keep getting paid. See details below.

Depending on your employee category, other courses are strongly recommended. Visit Highline’s Training for ctcLink page to learn more and find step-by-step directions on how to register.

More About Employee Self-Service (ES100 HCM)

Who should take this course?

All college employees.

What you will learn

Here’s a sample of what you will learn:

  • Manage personal information
  • View benefits and payroll information
  • Use timesheet to report and enter time and modify reported time
  • Request overtime
  • Request and report vacation time and absences
  • View job notifications and saved searches

What to expect

The course is made up of seven modules. The State Board estimates it takes one to two hours to complete, but Highline employees have shared that it takes less than an hour, depending upon your learning style.

There may be a quiz

ctcLink courses include an initial quiz asking you to agree to a confidentiality policy. If the modules within a course are grayed out, you may need to first complete the quiz.

Need help?

ctcLink training courses are offered in Canvas. To access, use your Highline credentials: Highline username (e.g., deltadog, not deltadog@highline.edu) and password. If you have problems, contact the ITS Help Desk.

To see descriptions for all courses, visit the State Board’s ctcLink Training site.

Ask Delta Dog

Delta DogWho is this blue dog? Learn why Delta Dog is our trusty companion on the journey to ctcLink.

If you have questions about ctcLink, ask Delta Dog.

You can also view the Frequently Asked Questions page.

For information about the statewide ctcLink project, visit the SBCTC ctcLink page and read the blog, ctcLink Connect.