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Financial Services and ctcLink

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Financial Services and ctcLink

Guest post by Cathy Cartwright, Director, Financial Services

As you heard from Delta Dog yesterday, ctcLink is coming at us faster and faster.

Delta DogAs we get ready for Go-Live, there is a date from the Finance department that we all need to be aware of. The last day to make P-card purchases until we are up and running in the new system is January 20.

If you do have an extremely urgent need that would have been charged to a P-card in your department after that date but before we are live in PeopleSoft, contact Dianna Thiele or Gavin Xie for assistance. 
January 20 is a big day in Finance. Besides it being the last day for P-Card transactions, it is also the last day to submit items like travel expense reports, requests for payment, invoices, A19 documents, professional/client service agreements, etc., for payment. See all key milestones and deadlines in the Timeline Road Map.

We anticipate needing a few days to get up and running in the new system after February 8 and ask for your patience as we navigate the new terrain.
Things are way different in PeopleSoft and many of you will have an enhanced role in getting financial documents through the system. For example, if you travel, your travel “paperwork” will be in PeopleSoft instead of an Excel spreadsheet. You will be able to see where things are in the system but will also bear a great deal more of the responsibility around coding. We will be working on simplified how-to instructions to help with these new processes.
If you have an emergency purchase before we go live, please contact Dianna or Gavin so that they can assist you.
Hang on! It might not be fun, but we will be in a better place in the long run.

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