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Delta Dog Enjoys First Professional Development Day

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2019-11-13T08:22:40+00:00 October 28, 2019|ctcLink News|
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Delta Dog Enjoys First Professional Development Day

Delta DogDelta Dog hosted her first PDD workshop as Highline’s trustworthy companion on our journey to ctcLink. Project Manager Pat Daniels did the talking, while Delta Dog handed out treats and got a well-deserved round of applause from the nearly two dozen attendees.

Attendees asked great questions. Here are a few:

Q: When will Highline move to ctcLink?
A: February 2021. We are currently in the Implementation Phase of the project. Visit the Timeline page to learn more.

Q: Will ctcLink be available as a mobile app?
A: Yes. ctcLink will offer a modern experience for all users. Students and employees will have mobile friendly tools to handle their college business. If you’re curious about what it will look like, download the app on your phone or tablet (search “ctcLink” in your app store).

Q: Will Canvas be replaced in the move to ctcLink?
A: No. Canvas will stay. But, a link to Canvas will be included within the ctcLink interface to make finding Canvas easy.

Q: Will I have a new identification number?
A: Yes. All students and employees will have a new identification number as part of ctcLink. It will be referred to as “Empl ID” (pronounced “em pul eye dee”). This one number will travel with you. If you attend or work at more than one college, you will use that same number at all colleges.

You can also visit Frequently Asked Questions for other common questions.

Do you have a question? Ask Delta Dog.