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59 Students Applauded for Achievements

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59 Students Applauded for Achievements

  • 2015 Highline College Student Awards Ceremony image

Students’ many achievements and contributions at Highline College took center stage at the 2015 Student Awards Ceremony on May 20. Nearly 60 students received well-earned recognition for their efforts during the 2014–15 academic year and were honored in front of friends, family, fellow students and college staff and faculty.

An annual event since 1999, the Student Awards Ceremony was hosted by Highline student body vice president, Ruth Krizan, who is also fondly known as Chancellor of Cheers.

Each academic department could select up to two students to be recognized. Winners were also chosen from leadership programs and clubs that are funded by student activities fees.

All told, 14 programs recognized 25 students for their outstanding scholastic achievement and 15 programs recognized 38 students for their campus involvement and outstanding contributions to their respective programs. Five students received two awards. Approximately 16,500 students attend Highline each year.

The event was funded by Student Services and Activities fees and sponsored by the Associated Students of Highline College with the Center for Leadership and Service.

Awards for Outstanding Program Contribution

ProgramAward Recipient(s)
ACHIEVETetyana Matsyuk
Advertising ClubJenny Lee
Naomi Rujoni
Animation DominationMatthew Silva
ASHC Student GovernmentLaura Yanez
Ruth Krizan
Burmese/Myanmar Student AssociationTha Dah Hser
Center for Leadership and ServiceRichelle V. Enriquez
Cooking ClubTetyana Matsyuk
CruAnna Hart
Brandon Rankin
Culture Exchange ClubTakuho Yoshida
Design TeamCody Scott
Kaylene Sum
Environmental ClubRebecca Ring
Highline Table Tennis ClubAlvin Indalecio
Paul Fernando King-Sanchez
Honors Leadership TeamOlga Zhosyan
Tha Dah Hser
Leader of ExcellenceLaTonya Brisbane
Mahjong ClubHui-Wen Hsiao
Ru-Jiun Chang
Math Resource CenterJered Ataky
Karen Leung
Multicultural AffairsAmy Menjivar
Jasmine Bravo
Music Department: ChoirAlexander Crawford
Outreach Student AmbassadorMichelle McBride
Nicole Ichinaga
PTKErik Rorrer
Rebecca Ring
Student Employee of the YearJacqui Silva
ThunderwordAgueca Pacheco-Flores
Sam McCullough
TRiO Student Support and Retention ServicesOctaiviea Townsend
Women’s Programs and WorkFirst ServicesAlvin Goode III
Yamato Taiko Drumming ClubDom Oliveros
Nicole Summers

Awards for Outstanding Scholastic Achievement

ProgramAward Recipient(s)
ACHIEVEIsaiah Marley
Biology Department/MaST CenterJacqui Silva
BTECH DepartmentFrancis Hernandez Torres
Melissa Silvana Brown
ChemistryMichelle Henry
Communication StudiesMaria Iraheta
Xavier L. Henderson
EconomicsPa Ousman Jobe
Rose Judan
English Department and Writing CenterAddison Peabody
Brendan Newell
Natalya Matlashchuk
Neydin Estrada
Hospitality ManagementMacKenzie Connolly
Nathan Beahler
JournalismAdam Horner
MathematicsDana Kaban
Uri Zvi
Music DepartmentAlexander Crawford
PsychologyAnnie Hill
Victoria Rolph
Respiratory CareJonathan Vasquez
Olga Buntylo
SpanishJazzni Dumaran
Michelle Jensen
Speech CommunicationRobert (Chase) Wyland-Sturmer