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‘The Politics of Pee’ Kicks Off LGBTQIA Month at Highline

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‘The Politics of Pee’ Kicks Off LGBTQIA Month at Highline

  • Highline College LGBTQIA Month 2016

Free Events During LGBTQIA Month*

Come to Highline for free workshops, discussions and a documentary exploring homeless LGBT youth during LGBTQIA Month.

United by the theme “Our History Is Now,” the October events coincide with National Coming Out Day (October 11).

The goal of LGBTQIA Month is to actively promote and support a learning environment that ensures social justice, mutual respect, understanding, civility and non-violence.


Doris Martinez: (206) 592-4319 or dmartinez@highline.edu
Multicultural Affairs: (206) 592-3296 or mca@highline.edu

Event Schedule

All events are free and open to the public and will be held on the college’s main campus.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

11 a.m.–12 p.m.
“The Politics of Pee” presented by T.J. Jourian
The past year has been stained by widespread legislative backlash against the rising visibility of the transgender community, most notorious among them being North Carolina’s House Bill 2 (HB2). But why do people care so much about which restroom transgender people use? In “The Politics of Pee,” Jourian will discuss moral panics, the limitations of law and the administrative violence that impacts transgender people.
Building 8, Mt. Constance room

12–1 p.m.
Following “The Politics of Pee,” come to Highline’s annual LGBTQIA Social to talk with T.J. Jourian and meet others from the LGBTQIA community.
Building 8, Mt. Constance room

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

10–10:50 a.m.
National Coming Out Day with Parents and Family of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)
Coming out can be challenging for anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. For national coming out day, Highline will have panelists from PFLAG who will talk about their experiences with the coming out process. PFLAG is a volunteer organization whose mission is to meet people where they are and collaborate with others. PFLAG envisions a world where diversity is celebrated and all people are respected, valued and affirmed inclusive of their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.
Building 8, Mt. Constance room

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

1–3 p.m.
Safe Zones Training for Students, Part 1
Safe Zones is Highline College’s peer-led LGBTQIA inclusivity training program. This workshop will present the first of a two-part training. While this particular training is designed for students, all participants are welcome and will learn more about the queer community as well as build skills to use in the classroom, workplace and community.
Building 8, Mt. Skokomish room

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

1:30–3 p.m.
“Queer Homeless Youth: A Road to Home” documentary
Walking to Penn Station to visit family in New Jersey, Cal Skaggs always saw groups of teenagers hanging around. Armed with backpacks and wandering around seemingly aimlessly, Skaggs wondered what their story was. The answer came in 2012 when he saw an interview on a local cable station with Carl Siciliano, the founder of the Ali Forney Center (AFC), a homeless shelter for young LGBT people. He explained that New York City alone has more than 40,000 homeless kids — a large percentage of them are LGBT. “A Road to Home” is the story of six young people and the AFC, which is working to protect LGBTQ youths from the harms of homelessness and empower them with tools to live independently.
Building 8, Mt. Constance room

Want to Learn More?

Highline College Library faculty and staff members have compiled a Recommended Reading list for LGBTQIA Month. View the list online or visit the library in Building 25.

*What do the letters in LGBTQIA stand for?

L = lesbian
G = gay
B = bisexual
T = transgender or two-spirit
Q = questioning or queer
I = intersex
A = ally (a friend of the cause) or asexual

Two other initialisms you may see are LGBTQGNC, where “GNC” stands for “gender non-conforming” and LGBPTQIA, where the “P” stands for “pansexual.”