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Construction Alert: 2 Buildings to Come Down

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Construction Alert: 2 Buildings to Come Down

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Watch for Parking Lot and Walking Path Closures

On Dec. 14, construction crews will begin work to demolish Buildings 5 and 11 on the east side of the Highline College campus. The bulk of the work is scheduled to be completed over winter break, when classes are not in session.

For those visiting or working on campus, follow these safety instructions:


  • The majority of the East parking lot will be blocked off for construction equipment. The entrance to this lot off 240th Street will be closed to regular traffic (see the East parking lot closure map).
  • A few sections in the East lot will remain open on the north end, accessible by the College Way entrance.
  • Other parking options include the North and South lots (see the Highline College campus map).
  • Handicapped-accessible parking spaces are available in the North and South lots, in the lot south of Building 21 and behind Building 16.

Map of East parking lot construction closure

East parking lot closure map (click to enlarge)


  • As indicated by red lines on the East parking lot closure map, the walkways on either side of Buildings 5 and 11 will be closed for foot traffic. Instead, follow the paths marked by green lines.
  • Pedestrians will be able to walk to and from Buildings 6 and 99 across the East lot as long as they stay on the crosswalk and remain aware of construction vehicles.
  • Watch for sandwich boards, signs and fence barriers indicating that a path is closed for construction.


  • The buildings will not be imploded or bulldozed, but there will be noise as crews take apart the structures in pieces.

Contact Christina Neville-Neil: cnevilleneil@highline.edu or (206) 592-3262.

Highline College Campus Map

Highline College campus map (click to enlarge)

From Old to New: Campus Buildings

Rendering of renovated Building 26

Rendering of renovated Building 26

Highline’s renovated Building 26 will open winter quarter 2020 as a state-of-the-art Health and Life Sciences Building. It will be Highline’s first LEED-certified building and a model of sustainability on campus.

In addition to an integrated, flexible learning environment, the 3-story structure will include space for faculty offices.

Highline College Building 5

Building 5

Building 26 was constructed in 1975 and originally used for the college’s Dental Technician, Nursing, Business Occupations and Automotive Repair programs.

Buildings 5 and 11 have housed faculty offices since they were built in 1964 as part of the original campus construction.

At 4,000 square feet each, both buildings are small, old and inefficient, with plumbing, energy and accessibility issues, making them costly and difficult to maintain. Because of their size and condition, they were not good candidates for renovation.

Highline College Building 11

Building 11

Highline College was founded in 1961. For its first three years — 1961–62, 1962–63 and 1963–64 — the college was housed on a temporary basis at Glacier High School.

Curious how Highline’s campus took shape in the 1960s and ’70s? Read “Our Award-Winning Campus (Buildings!)”