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Highline Receives Funding for Summer Quarter Running Start

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Highline Receives Funding for Summer Quarter Running Start

Interested Students Have Until June 10 to Speak with High School Counselors

Thanks to recent state and federal funding, Highline College is prepared to offer up to 15-college credits (tuition-free) to new and current Running Start students, as well as those interested in enrolling in professional-technical classes, for the summer quarter.

Because Highline College was recently awarded an Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief federal grant on June 3 and the start date of the summer quarter is June 27, eligible high school students have until this Friday, June 10 to speak with their high school counselors about their interest in doing Running Start and to complete the summer Running Start interest form to take advantage of Running Start at Highline College this summer.

Student eligibility:

1. Current Running Start seniors who need 15 more credits to earn their associate degree
2. Current Running Start seniors or juniors have met their Running Start enrollment limit for the 2021-22 school year and still need credits towards their high school diploma and/or associate degree
3. Any rising high school junior or senior (no previous Running Start participation required) who is in need of credit recovery to stay on track for high school graduation; pursuing professional-technical degrees or pathways; or new students who would like to take a 3-credit “Strengthening Navigational Skills” College 101 course as part of their summer course load

All students except those who enroll in professional-technical courses will still need to pay for required textbooks, college fees and supplies as the funding only covers tuition. Those who do enroll in professional-technical courses, however, will receive additional funding assistance for textbooks, supplies, equipment, college fees and tuition.

“We have less students that pursue prof-tech or [Career and Technical Education] CTE degrees or pathways, which oftentimes lead to living-wage jobs,” Chase Magliocca, director of Highline College Running Start, said, noting that the majority of students seek transfer degrees. “So another intent of this grant is to support students to pursue prof-tech or CTE degrees and pathways.”

Magliocca said the funding, which may be up to $1 million, also supports high school and college students who faced inequities and challenges of remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic by opening up summer quarter Running Start to those who are close to completing their degree or diploma but need some extra time to finish.

And for those who are new to Running Start, requiring enrollment in the College 101 course will help students adjust to the college system so that they have a solid foundation for success.

“The intent of that class is to acclimate students to the college system, build relationships with peers, staff, and faculty, equip them with the skills and resources to be successful college students so that they’re off to a strong start,” Magliocca said.

For more information about Highline College Running Start, visit runningstart.highline.edu.

What is Running Start?

Running Start is a dual credit program for high school juniors and seniors to take college-level classes tuition-free. Typically, students can participate in Running Start during fall, winter, and spring quarters (with the exception of this summer). Students earn college credits that can count toward both a high school diploma and college degree. With careful planning, it is possible for students who participate in Running Start during their junior and senior years to earn an associate degree or certificate by graduation. Students can take classes in preparation for university transfer or a career in a high-demand field through Career Start.