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New, Easier Student Parking Permit Process

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New, Easier Student Parking Permit Process

  • Highline College Parking Permits

Paying for campus parking is now easier than ever. For regular student permits, Highline offers a new, simple process.

If you would rather pay for parking on a daily basis, see New Parking Pay Stations below.

Purchasing Permits

Student Parking Permits
Apply, pay and pick up a parking permit all in one place (for carpool permits, see below). You can purchase on campus or, if you are buying a full-time permit, skip the lines and buy online.

Buying in person:

Buying online (full-time permits only):

  • Visit the Highline Bookstore website.
  • Click “Parking Permits”.
  • Fill out the Your Information section and click Add to Cart.
  • Pay with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard). Note: The $47.00 price includes a $1.00 fee for processing and shipping.
  • Choose to have your permit mailed to your home address or pick it up at the Bookstore (Building 8).

Carpool Permits
We have implemented a new and improved student carpool application process. Effective immediately, students will be able to pay and receive a carpool permit directly at the Cashiers Office using this form (pdf). Manual verification of class schedules at the Public Safety Office is no longer required. Student carpool permits are limited to 250 permits per quarter and will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

Motorcycles are free and need no permit as long as they’re parked in the designated area.

Other Tips and Information

  • Permits are available throughout the quarter. There is no deadline for purchase.
  • You will receive a new hang tag once you have paid. You do not need to bring in your current hang tag for a quarterly permit sticker.
  • Students with disabilities: If you have a “Disabled” placard or license plate, then you will not need a Highline parking permit. Your placard/license plate is sufficient for parking on campus.

Student Parking Permit Fees

Type of Parking PermitPer quarter
Part-time students (registered for 0-5 credits)$29.00
Full-time students (registered for 6 or more credits)$46.00
Motorcycles, motor bikes, scootersFREE
First carpool permit (limit 1)$10.00
Senior citizens (registering under tuition waiver)$29.00
Special rates (summer quarter)$29.00
Additional/replacement/second car permits (limit 2)$29.00


Call the Public Safety office at (206) 592-3218.

New Parking Pay Stations

Michael Pham uses new Highline Parking Pay Station

No parking permit? No problem! Highline now offers a daily parking pass for $1. Click to watch video.

If you do not have a quarterly parking permit, use Highline’s new Parking Pay Stations. For only $1, you can buy a daily parking pass that lasts until 10 p.m.

  • Find a machine near the entrance of Building 6 in the East parking lot and one at the entrance of Building 29 in the South parking lot.
  • Pay with a $1 bill or credit card. Machines do not give change.
  • Exchange coins or large bills at the Cashier Office in Building 6.