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Highline Now Offers Four Applied Bachelor’s Degrees

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Highline Now Offers Four Applied Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Image of four new bachelor's degree programs offered at Highline College

For students with two-year technical degrees, Highline now offers bachelor’s degrees in four applied fields: Cybersecurity and Forensics, Global Trade and Logistics, Respiratory Care, and Youth Development. The goal is to help students build on their education to be more valuable to a current or prospective employer.

More and more two-year colleges like Highline are offering four-year degrees. Why? Several years ago, the state of Washington recognized it needed to create more opportunities for students to earn bachelor’s degrees in our state. This new degree—the applied bachelor’s degree—provides a pathway to a four-year degree for a student who has earned an associate degree in a professional-technical field.

Before the applied bachelor’s degree was created, students would often have to transfer to a regional or state college or university and take additional lower-level coursework to complete a bachelor’s degree. Now, students can stay in the area, continue with their current job, and save time on their way to earning a four-year degree.

Highline’s degree programs include a combination of evening, online and/or hybrid courses to work around busy schedules. Each program offers flexible start dates; if space is available, students can choose which quarter to start. Financial aid is available for eligible students.

More information, including eligibility requirements, is available at highline.edu/bas.

Dr. Jack Bermingham Interviewed about New Bachelor’s Degrees

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Highline President Jack Bermingham talked with Comcast Newsmakers about the college’s four new applied bachelor’s degree programs