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LGBTQIA+ Week at Highline to Raise Awareness, Support

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LGBTQIA+ Week at Highline to Raise Awareness, Support

  • LGBTQIA Week 2022

Events Scheduled for Oct. 10-14, 2022

Come to Highline College for a weeklong series of educational events and activities exploring LGBTQIA+ identity and social justice issues. United by the theme, “Pride & Beyond: How Queer and Trans Liberation Can Lift Us All,” the series will run Oct. 10–14, 2022, on the college’s main campus, with a resource fair on Oct. 13.

The LGBTQIA+ Week is scheduled to coincide with National Coming Out Day (Oct. 11) and aims to celebrate and remember the history of the gay rights movement. Events are free and open to all.


Edwina Fui: (206) 592-4319 or efui@highline.edu
Center for Cultural & Inclusive Excellence: (206) 592-3296 or ccie@highline.edu

Event Schedule

All events are free and open to the public and will be held on the college’s main campus. Find full event descriptions at LGBTQIA Week 2022.

Monday, Oct. 10

10-11:30 a.m.
Rooms Mt. Constance/Olympus, Building 8
“Our Shared Liberation: Intersectional LGBTQ Activism” presented by keynote Jaelynn Scott
Description: Hear from Jaelynn Scott with the Lavender Rights Project as she discusses intersectional oppression and why it’s important to disrupt the violence and oppression of Black, trans women.

Tuesday, Oct. 11

2:30-3:45 p.m.
Inter-Cultural Center (Room 204), Building 8
“Make Your Pride: Tie-dyeing with Dr. T and the Q Center” by the Q Center Group
Description: Join in on some tie-dyeing fun. Highline College will supply the materials (bandanas, totes, dye supplies, and instructions for taking your projects home) and provide a quick walk-thru on techniques. We anticipate having supplies for 20-30 people. This is a social event – so come have some fun (or even just watch), get social and prepare to build community together.

Wednesday, Oct. 12

11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
“Turtle building,” Building 7
“How to Prevent and Repair Unintentional Harm” by Bam Mendiola
Description: This workshop is for people who make mistakes. Bam Mendiola (they/them) will discuss actions you can take to make spaces more inclusive and what to do (and not do) when you mess up. Topics will include pronouns, inclusive language, and how to respond to call-ins and call-outs. Mendiola will share the many mistakes they have made as a DEI facilitator and the things they are actively unlearning.

Thursday, Oct. 13

11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Rooms Mt. Constance/Olympus, Building 8
LGBTQIA+ Resource Fair
Description: Highline and its community partners support the health and wellness of the LGBTQIA+ community. Visitors will be able to explore caring and affirming campus and community resources and services.

LGBTQIA Week 2018

1-3 p.m.
Room Mt. Townsend, Building 8
“Queeraoke: Sing It Out!” by Galactic Molasses and DJ Mike Baskett
Description: “Sing It Out” is a karaoke event meant to showcase the voices of Highline College’s queer community. We will let voices of all types express themselves and celebrate queerness and transness in all of their voices. We will be highlighting the LGBTQIA+ community in how they choose to let their voices shine in the way of the music that speaks to their hearts. Whether you can hold a tune or not, come out and celebrate the vast diversity of queerness. Sing your joy, sing your pain, sing whatever’s in your heart. Show up with your fabulous selves and let’s get loud!

Friday, Oct. 14

10–11:30 a.m.
Rooms Mt. Constance/Olympus, Building 8
“Intersectional Identities: Sexuality and Beyond” presented by Dr. Tylir McKenzie
Description: We are all made up of complex and intersecting aspects of identity. This includes not only gender and sexuality, but race, class, age, ability, religious beliefs, language, educational background, and much more. How these identities come together influences both how we perceive ourselves and the world around us, but also how others read and interact with us. Each of these characteristics can have varying levels of privilege and marginalization depending on a wide variety of factors. Come learn about the concept of intersectionality developed by Black scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw, and explore the implications of culture and environment as influencers in our lives.

2–4 p.m.
Softball field, located between the North Parking Lot and the Pavillion (Building 28)
“Allied in Action: Kick It With the Task Force Kickball Game” by the LGBTQIA+ Task Force
Description: Are you energized from learning and growing during LGBTQIA+ History week? Then come kick it with Highline’s LGBTQIA+ Task Force. Meet the members of the task force and learn how to get involved or how to support this work over a game of kickball. Come to play or cheer the teams on.

If you need accommodations due to a disability, please contact Access Services at (206) 878-3710, ext.3857 (voice) or (206) 870-4853 (TTY).