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My college. My community. Where I matter.

Students know they matter at Highline College. Why? Because at Highline, what matters to them, matters to us.

Educational Options Matter

Highline meets students where they are on their educational journey. Some are looking to earn a short-term certificate to get a job in a specific field. Others wish to earn an associate degree to transfer to a four-year university. Still others need to learn or improve English language skills. We offer all of that and more, including new applied bachelor’s degrees.

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Student Support Matters

To succeed in the classroom, students often need help outside of it. Highline offers a variety of resources, programs and assistance—from counseling and career planning to tutoring and technology—to help students make the most of their education.

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Diversity Matters

Students’ unique stories matter at Highline. From the communities in which they live to the experiences they have had, Highline students bring distinct perspectives to our college. The diversity of our student body enriches the teaching and learning environment, creating a campus like no other.

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College Experience Matters

Students find a wide range of ways to get to know others and follow their interests. They participate in leadership and student communities, extracurricular activities and programs, and athletics. At Highline, we know involved students are more likely to stay in college and earn their degree.

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