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ctcLink Student View Electronic 1098-T

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Welcome to ctcLink

View Your 1098-T Tax Information

This guide will show you how receive your 1098-T Tax documentation in ctcLink


  1. Login to the ctcLink Student Homepage.
  2. Click the Financial Account tile.

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  3. In the Financial Account menu
    • Click the down arrow for 1098-T menu and Select the View 1098-T link

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  4. If you have not yet Granted consent at a ctcLink college, you will need to select the Grant Consent box. If you have granted consent at another ctcLink college or during a different tax year you can skip to Step 7
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  5. Review the consent agreement and select the box, “Yes I have read the agreement” and then click the Submit button.
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  6. The 1098-T Confirmation Page will display, select the View 1098-T Selection button
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  7. On the View 1098-T page select the Tax year you would like to view.
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  8. A PDF 1098-T form will display.
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  9. The Form can be downloaded or Printed as needed
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