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Education & Library Services

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Education & Library Services

Early childhood and elementary school teachers help students learn and apply important concepts, often through hands-on approaches, and help develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills to actualize children’s potential. Librarians work in public, private, and school settings to help users effectively find and use information for a variety of purposes. Many educators and librarians find a deep meaning in helping others reach their highest capability.

Transfer Options

AA-Transfer (90 or more credits)

Professional-Technical Options

Applied Bachelor Degree (credits vary)

AAS (90 or more credits)

Certificates of Completion
(45 or more credits)

Certificates of Proficiency/Specialization
(Under 45 credits)

*The Associate of Arts degree can be tailored to many different universities and transfer majors. If you don’t see your interest here, talk to an advisor in your pathway for more information.

AA = Associates of Arts
AAS = Associate of Applied Science

Learn more about degree and certificate types.

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