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The Weekly Wag, Issue #12

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The Weekly Wag, Issue #12

Delta DogWelcome to The Weekly Wag, your home for quick news and updates on the ctcLink project.

Dig Into Training and Win on Dec. 24

Use Thursday’s professional enrichment day for ctcLink training and you could win. An anonymous donor has given the ctcLink team four $25 Amazon gift cards* to award.

Simply do any sort of ctcLink training that day (you don’t need to complete a full course). Then, to be entered into the random drawing, email Delta Dog by 3 p.m. on Dec. 24 and tell her one thing you learned. Winners will be notified directly and announced in the Dec. 30 issue of The Weekly Wag.

For tips on how to get started, visit Training for ctcLink: Start Here and see “2 Crucial Courses for ctcLink Success .”

Delta Dog

Woof to David Nguyen!

This week’s Golden Paw Award winner is David Nguyen. Through his extraordinary effort, Highline is making great strides in our collective journey to ctcLink. Read about his accomplishments on the Paws Up page.

Deadlines and Office Closures

Many things are happening to make sure Highline is prepared to go live with ctcLink. So that you can plan, see a high-level schedule of upcoming activities, deadlines and closures. More dates will be added in the coming weeks.

Training Tip of the Week

Delta Dog’s new friend, Ann Korn (Respiratory Care faculty), shared a few pointers on learning PeopleSoft, the software running ctcLink. Thanks, Ann!

Delta Dog

“PeopleSoft reminds me of Canvas a lot. Things are named differently but the basic idea is the same. I remember trying to learn Canvas when I first came, it was a struggle. Now, I really don’t think about it. If I can’t find something, I play around until I do, or go to the help section.

“There are always way too many terms with these kind of things, but you don’t memorize them, just keep using it and it will get easier. It isn’t nearly as hard as it first appeared. It helps to watch the very short videos examples that are part of the training courses, like PeopleSoft Fundamentals. It was very easy to see that this isn’t nearly so hard.”

Countdown Calendar

The clock is ticking. Just 27 working days until Highline goes live with ctcLink on February 8, 2021.

Question of the Week

Delta Dog loves getting questions from her human friends. Here’s a recent one:

Dear Delta Dog,
I tried to sign up for courses to learn ctcLink and I didn’t see some of the courses you recommend for faculty. What am I missing?
— Confused

Dear Confused,
You likely ended up at the wrong registration point. There are two different registration points on the State Board website, which is very confusing. It’s important to use this one: https://www.sbctc.edu/colleges-staff/it-support/ctclink/implementation-phase-canvas-registration.aspx. (You can also find this link in the How to Register for Training Courses section of Highline’s website.) Through this link you will have access to all of the course options available to Highline. The other registration point is for colleges in future deployment groups. Their course options are currently limited.
— Delta Dog

Get Social

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Word of the Week

While you learn and work with ctcLink and its software, PeopleSoft, you’ll come across many words and terms. Here’s this week’s word (find others on the Terminology page):

learning management system (LMS)
Software for delivering, tracking and managing training or classes. Some examples include Canvas, Angel and Blackboard.

Ask Delta Dog

Delta DogWho is this blue dog? Learn why Delta Dog is our trusty companion on the journey to ctcLink.

If you have questions about ctcLink, ask Delta Dog.

You can also view the Frequently Asked Questions page.

For information about the statewide ctcLink project, visit the SBCTC ctcLink page and read the blog, ctcLink Connect.


*No state funds were used to purchase gift cards. Cards have been donated by a friend of Delta Dog.