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Understanding the Taiwanese Perspective

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Understanding the Taiwanese Perspective

  • Jayendrina Singha Ray

Guest Column by Dr. Jayendrina Singha Ray

Being Asian in America is a complex experience primarily because the term “Asian” singularizes and organizes a cacophonic plurality of cultures and lived experiences into a monolithic category called “Asian American.”

However, there is more to the Asian experience than we assume. Asian immigrants bring in stories and histories that are often overlooked in the midst of more popular cultural histories and stories.

Take for instance the story of freedom and strife that many Taiwanese Americans have been trying to convey by marching through the streets of New York and Seattle. The Taiwanese experience has noticeably gathered more momentum since October 2021, with Taiwan-U.S. relations becoming a recurring subject of discussion in the media. Experts attribute this to the looming threat of a potential invasion of Taiwan by China in 2022-2023, and to the U.S.’s role in attempting to arrest the invasion along with the consequent geopolitical repercussions of Taiwan’s invasion. Most of these hypotheses remain ambiguous at this point…

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This article was originally published by the Seattle Weekly, the Kent Reporter and the Auburn Reporter on Dec. 17, 2021.

About the Author

Jayendrina Singha Ray has a PhD (ABD) in English, with a research focus on the works of the South African Nobel Laureate John Maxwell Coetzee. She teaches English composition and research writing at Highline College and Bellevue College.

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