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65 Employees Clock 650+ Hours Validating Data

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65 Employees Clock 650+ Hours Validating Data

Delta DogWhen Highline transitions to the new ctcLink system in February 2021, we’ll stop using our legacy software systems (e.g., FMS, SMS and PPMS) and move to a modern, efficient system. But we’ll still need all of the data and information housed on those old systems, such as employee names and payroll data to ensure everyone continues to get paid.

Dozens of Highline employees have been hard at work making sure we have all of that data, and, most importantly, making sure it’s all correct.

Payroll is just one of many areas impacted by this project. Others include student enrollment, travel and expenses.

All faculty, staff and students will be impacted to some degree by the change to the new system. For some, the impact will be minor and for others, it will change the bulk of their daily work processes. You can learn more in the “Impact to Highline Faculty, Staff and Students” section of the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Your dedicated colleagues have put in over 650 hours during the past several weeks doing data validation, a critical part of the Implementation phase of ctcLink. Many of the team members worked evenings and weekends to validate as many records as possible, while still completing their normal day-to-day work of serving students and fellow employees.

There are multiple rounds of data validation, allowing us to test and review how our data converts to PeopleSoft, the software used by the ctcLink system, before we transition in February 2021. And while that may seem far off, there are only 137 working days until Highline’s Go-Live date of February 8, 2021.

With Round 2 of data validation complete — there are five in all — it’s time to recognize the efforts of those involved. See the full list on the Team Members page and take a moment to thank your colleagues for their important work.

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