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Go/No-Go Decision: Great News for ctcLink Project

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Go/No-Go Decision: Great News for ctcLink Project

Delta DogGuest post by Tim Wrye, Executive Director of IT Services, CIO and ctcLink Project Executive Sponsor

I’m excited to share that during a meeting earlier this afternoon, the ctcLink Steering Committee* gave us the green light for Go-Live on February 8, the date when Highline begins using ctcLink as our system of record. The “Go” decision — as opposed to “No-Go” — is one we can all be proud of.
During the meeting I had the distinct honor of praising Highline’s ctcLink Project Team, led by ctcLink project manager Pat Daniels, and our dozens of subject matter experts (SMEs) for their hard work bringing us to this point. For the past 10 months in our journey to ctcLink, they have had the unprecedented challenge of doing this work remotely. Pat and Dr. Mosby were also in attendance and voiced their appreciation of the efforts of so many of our college staff in this work. Join me in thanking them for their extraordinary effort and accomplishments. 
February 8 doesn’t mark the end of our ctcLink project, but it does signal a critically important milestone of beginning to use ctcLink PeopleSoft to do our college business. Our project will continue as we activate employees and students on the system, help them learn how to navigate the system’s functionality, and assess how our internal business processes need to be refined to efficiently work in the new ctcLink environment.
Although most of the hard setup work is behind us, we have critical work still ahead of us. We will be closing out activities in many of our legacy systems (e.g., FMS, PPMS, SMS) as we transition the data to ctcLink PeopleSoft. I urge to you to view key activities, deadlines and closures on the new Timeline Road Map
Using the ctcLink system will be a big change for our campus and work processes. The project has been — and will continue to be — a challenge as we work through this change, knowing that not all will be perfect with the system on February 8. I’m confident about our continued ability to work together and deal with any glitches. As the past 10 months have clearly demonstrated, we are nothing if not resilient and adaptable. 
In 27 days (17 working days!), we will begin to see the benefits of our hard work. On behalf of the entire Highline ctcLink Project Team, thank you.

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*The ctcLink Steering Committee is a statewide group charged with maintaining the ctcLink schedule (among other things).