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Technology and the Post-Pandemic Restructuring of Education

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Technology and the Post-Pandemic Restructuring of Education

  • Jayendrina Singha Ray

Guest Column by Dr. Jayendrina Singha Ray

As Simon Jenkins notes in an op-ed piece in The Guardian, “Great institutions traditionally need traumas — wars or pandemics — to force them to change.”

In close to two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has globally shaken people and institutions off age-old habits. In keeping with the changing times, education has encountered a surprising structural redefinition in terms of knowledge dissemination.

With companies and governments opening up to a hybrid work model and economy, it is wise to assume that teaching/learning will increasingly come to rely on a blend of the in-person and digital learning spaces. …

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This article was originally published by the Seattle Weekly on Aug. 5, 2021.

About the Author

Jayendrina Singha Ray has a PhD (ABD) in English, with a research focus on the works of the South African Nobel Laureate John Maxwell Coetzee. She teaches English composition and research writing at Highline College and Bellevue College.

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