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Free for the Viewing: 2015 Portfolio Show

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Free for the Viewing: 2015 Portfolio Show

  • Highline College Art and Design Portfolio Show 2015 poster

June 1–2, 2015
9 a.m.–4 p.m. and 5–8 p.m.
Highline College’s main campus
Building 8, Mt. Constance/Mt. Olympus rooms

More than 50 students will share their art and design during a free show on the college’s campus. An annual event, the 2015 Highline College Portfolio Show gives graduating students the chance to showcase their work and achievements in fine art, drafting, graphic design, interior design and photography.

Some of the participating students have spent all or part of the year as graphic designers for Highline’s Center for Leadership and Service Design Team. The Design Team gives students real-life experience and paid employment in a graphic design agency environment. Team members use their artistic talent and knowledge of graphic design computer software to make flyers, posters, banners, invitations, handbills and more to promote campus events and programs.

Some of the work displayed during the show will be featured in Arcturus, published each spring by Highline College. Arcturus includes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography, and works of art by Highline students, alumni, faculty and staff. The publication is edited by students taking English 290. They work with student volunteers and Highline’s Print department to produce the magazine. Copies of Arcturus will be available at Highline’s Bookstore.

The 2015 Highline College Portfolio Show is sponsored by the Highline College Arts and Humanities division. All are welcome at this free event. For a sample of the students’ work, visit Student Portfolio.

Questions? Contact Tamara Hilton at (206) 592-3976 or thilton@highline.edu