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School Chaperone Instructions

  1. Guide your students to the 1st floor of Building 8 so that they can check in and be seated in the dining area.
  2. Check in as a chaperone on the 2nd floor of Building 8 (next to the book store).
  3. Pick up your information packet, morning snack, and roster of students that you will be chaperoning. You and 1-2 other volunteer/chaperones will be responsible for the same group of girls for the entire day. You will receive a location to receive your squad.
  4. Return to the dining area and encourage the students to remain in the dining room and listen courteously to the speaker.
  5. Line up with your volunteer partner before 10 a.m. at your assigned location so you can receive your squad. You should receive your location assignment at check in.
  6. Take attendance using the roster you were given at check in.
  7. Escort your squad to their workshop room. The MC will announce when it’s time to leave.
  8. Confirm that all of the students are still in attendance once you reach the workshop room and help the workshop presenter set up if needed.
  9. Monitor the room during the workshop. You do not need to actively participate but please be alert and attentive in the event the presenter/girls need assistance.
  10. Retake attendance at the beginning of each workshop.
  11. Walk your squad to Building 8 after the last workshop so you and your squad can complete a Conference Evaluation Form included in their/your packet. When the girls turn in their evaluation, they will receive a Certificate of Completion. We ask that you turn in your evaluation also.

Important Notes:

  • Unoccupied classrooms are kept locked. If you arrive before your assigned presenter, we will send Security personnel to your classroom. An adult must remain in any unlocked classroom with equipment at all times for security to lock the classroom.
  • Lunch for both adults and students will be served in Building 8 starting at 11:35.
  • If you have an emergency and must cancel, please notify Deana Rader on her cell at 253.278.6648 or office phone 206.592.3004. Please note: Conference Headquarters for emergencies is 2nd floor, Bldg. 8.

Our sincere thanks for your help! — from the 2019 EYH Planning Committee.