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YWAC (Young Women Advocating For Change) Female Summit 2022
Antiracism: Am I Being Brave? Stepping into the discomfort of transformation

Join us on Saturday, May 14 as we aim to educate white-identifying female and non-binary participants about racial injustice and to inspire them to use their position and privilege to take action against racism. Presented by the YELL Female Summit, YWAC is a co-occurring summit that will help create a space where conversations can happen around allyship and advocacy for high school and college students.

We hope students are able to critically examine the concept of race and its construction, experience how implicit bias lives in our bodies, develop an embodied awareness of anti-racism, build a community with white-identifying peer activists and learn to advocate for change.

Location: Room 216, Building 29 (Highline Student Union)

Registration is required and closes on Friday, May 6.

Learn more about the YWAC Female Summit.