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The Research and Creative Works Symposium is a celebration of Highline students’ academic and professional work through poster presentations and art exhibits. Light refreshments will be available at each event.

GeoScience Poster Session
Join Highline students from geology classes as they exhibit their end of quarter projects. Topics will include natural hazards, dinosaurs and other fossils, the geology of surface feature, National Parks, and rocks and minerals of the Northwest.

Honors Poster Session
Stop by the Honors Poster Session between 12:15pm and 1:15pm to chat with students about their individual and/or collaborative interdisciplinary research, creative expressions, and/or professional projects!

Physics Poster Session
Can you imagine a world without electricity? without magnetism? Wonder about the physics behind the technology around us or how nature harnesses physics to give us the world we live in? Come learn from physics 202 students about the exciting world of electricity and magnetism, and the ‘power’ of the two combined!

Umoja Poster Session
Join Umoja cohort students as they explore identity in visual and written forms.

Location: Building 8, 1st floor, Mt. Constance/Mt. Olympus