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This Sunday, January 31, 2016, Highline College will be hosting the Special Olympics Regional Basketball Tournament. Teams from all over King County will be here in the Highline gym to play for the championship in their division.

[fontawesome icon=”fa-calendar” circle=”no” size=”medium” iconcolor=”#428abd”]Games start at 8:00 AM on Sunday and will end around 4:30 PM.

[fontawesome icon=”fa-users” circle=”no” size=”large” iconcolor=”#428abd”]We need your help! If you are a basketball player, coach, or just a fan please consider volunteering as a referee or scorekeeper for one (or more) games. As the games are modified – each game will last approximately 45 minutes. Students, faculty, staff and the community are welcome to volunteer and cheer!

If you have questions or are interested in volunteering your time, please contact:

[fontawesome icon=”fa-envelope” circle=”no” size=”medium” iconcolor=”#428abd”]Jennifer Sandler at jsandler@highline.edu

[fontawesome icon=”fa-envelope” circle=”no” size=”medium” iconcolor=”#428abd”]James Bermingham at jaberming@highline.edu, or

[fontawesome icon=”fa-envelope” circle=”no” size=”medium” iconcolor=”#428abd”]Fawzi Belal at fbelal@highline.edu

The Highline College unified basketball team will also be playing, so come out to support our unified T-Birds.

Location: Building 28, Highline College Gym

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