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How do stars move? It’s such a simple question so many have tried to answer throughout the last 6,000 years of civilization. Yet, as our scientific and mathematical abilities have advanced, so has our answer to this question:

Aristotle – through elemental affinities.
Galileo – around impediments and geometric limitations.
Kepler – on elliptical paths around a common focus.
Newton – accelerated by the force of gravity.
Einstein – following the local space-time curvature.
Zwicky – through the influence of invisible matter.
Milgrom – accelerated by a modified version of gravity.
Bekenstein – with lots and lots of math.

No matter the answer, our modern observations in astronomy still indicate we have a lot to discover. Is it elemental affinities, invisible matter/pixie dust, or lots and lots of math?
Come discuss the topic “Dark Matter = Pixie Dust: We Thought We Knew Gravity Until We Looked Through a Telescope” with Highline College physics and astronomy professor Eric Centauri.

Location: Building 3, Room 102