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Like many people living in the Puget Sound, you likely are aware of the fact that the Pacific Northwest is earthquake country. What you may be less aware of is that you have a 37% chance of experiencing a major seismic event in the next 50 years. The odds of you experiencing the “Big One” are much lower, only about 10%. Unfortunately, those numbers do not fully reflect the danger you will be in WHEN (not IF) the ground beneath your feet begins to shake and the series of hazards that occur even after the rolling stops. There are many unprepared or unwilling to face the possibility of disaster. Will you be one of them? Or, do you want to be prepared, and so increase the odds that you will make it through okay? If you don’t know where to start or just want to know more about earthquake preparedness, come to Science Seminar this Friday.

Students wishing to register for Science Seminar may take it for credit as Ge Sc 190/1 (items 6080 and 6082 respectively).

Presented by: Stephaney Puchalski (Geology)

Location: Building 3, Room 102