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Blasters, light sabers, and warp drives, OH MY! The original Star Wars movie debuted in 1977— more than 40 years ago, yet it still resonates with every generation who sees these series of films. Science fiction has always driven science to create the wondrous devices and technologies in these stories, and Star Wars is no exception. Find out about the real science related to the fantastic technologies and creatures in the franchise!

The Science of Star Wars explores much of the technology in the films. Though in 1977, when A New Hope was screened, most of the concepts seemed far-fetched at the time: light sabers, the faster-than-light Millennium Falcon spacecraft, and Death Stars, we are much closer to this world than we realize. Come to this thought-provoking talk to hear more about what we can learn from Star Wars to ensure our survival. May the Force be with you.

Presented by: Chris Boudreaux

Location: 3-102