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Among the topics to be covered will be:

  • A new fossil species in our family tree unexpectedly discovered deep within a cave in South Africa that has all the hallmarks of a murder mystery.
  • A mysterious hominin species from China that may have lived until relatively recently.
  • Modern humans in China that may have arrived thousands of years earlier than was believed
  • Neanderthal, Denisovan, and early modern human sexual relations.
  • The latest genetic studies revealing the peopling of Europe, the Pacific, and the Americas.
  • The earliest stone tools ever found, causing a re-think of what it is to be human.
  • The earliest evidence for a population of modern humans being massacred.

Presenter: Dr. Lonnie Somer (Anthropology)

Location: Building 3, Room 102

[fontawesome icon=”fa-check” circle=”no” size=”large” iconcolor=”#428abd” alignment=”left”]Students wishing to register for Science Seminar may take it for credit as Ge Sc 190/1 (items 6096 and 6098 respectively)