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Should Tacoma build the biggest methanol plant in the world? Should the Pacific Northwest, combined with two other plants in Washington and Oregon, double the supply of methanol which is a major ingredient in making plastic? Is this a good choice for our economy? Our environment? How do you balance our economic health with local and global impacts? This week’s seminar will look at the process for making methanol and then the regulator procedure which is currently underway.

Learn what you can do to have your voice heard during the public comment period.

If built, the Tacoma facility will:

  • Use 3.8 billion gallons of water per year
  • Become the 1st or 2nd largest source of carbon dioxide in the state
  • Provide 260 living wage jobs

Presenter: Rus Higley (Environmental Science)

Location: Building 3, Room 102

[fontawesome icon=”fa-check” circle=”no” size=”large” iconcolor=”#428abd” alignment=”left”]Students wishing to register for Science Seminar may take it for credit as Ge Sc 190/1 (items 6096 and 6098 respectively)