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“Beer! (and Chemistry)!” presented by Aaron Moehlig (Chemistry)

Beer and ChemistrySociety has been enjoying the product of grain fermentation, what we call beer, at least as far back as ancient Egypt. In the state of Washington alone there are currently 281 commercial breweries. It seems, people have always been fascinated by the process of brewing, but little about the process or the chemistry of this type of fermentation has changed over the past few thousand years. Brewing beer has always involved, sometimes by law, the combination and interaction of four ingredients: water, grains, hops, and yeast. This talk will focus on the chemistry that occurs when these four ingredients are combined during the brewing process as well as how people brew, analyze, and consume beer on both a small and large scale. Samples (of ingredients) will be provided!

Location: Building 3, room 102

Students wishing to register for Science Seminar may take it for credit as Ge Sc 190/1 (items 6094 and 6096 respectively).

Science Seminar is a weekly set of presentations by Highline faculty about an area in their field of expertise. Designed to illustrate the cutting edge of science, technology and medicine for a general audience, the series is open to the public but also can be taken for college credit. In some cases faculty from outside the sciences illustrate how science and technology impact their field.