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Highline College Multicultural Soccer Event

Bringing together communities through sports and education.

Highline College Sports Outreach is hosting the second annual Multicultural Soccer Festival. We celebrate globalism by welcoming our communities to participate in a celebration of cultural integration. Come join us in a day full of fun, culture, soccer and food.

Location: Building 8

Sports Diplomacy and Outreach Empower Through Sports
Sports are a way to support individuals, improve community welfare, and foster social change. Highline College promotes cultural understanding between students and diverse communities through sport- based service. Highline College works in collaboration with community leaders to develop context-specific programming, and is specifically interested in global solidarity and inclusion of underserved communities (girls and women, refugees/internally displaced, people with disabilities). It is our hope that through sports, individuals will become empowered agents interested in promoting peace and inclusivity in global and local communities.

For more information contact Fawzi Belal at fbelal@highline.edu.